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"If you have a red eye or bacterial infection in the eye, you can be treated at our office. If you have diabetes, or experiencing unusual visual symptoms such as flashes of light, or sudden onset of floaters, we have the correct tools and expertise to dilate your pupils and examine the retina to detect any diseases, injuries, or disorders."

Not all eye exams are the same. Request a dilated eye exam at least once every 2 years or more often to ensure the inside of your eye is healthy.

What is a Comprehensive Eye Exam?


  • Visual Acuity testing (make sure you are seeing your best).
  • Visual Field screening (detect early signs of glaucoma, retinal disease, even brain tumors).
  • Eye pressure testing (high pressures can lead to glaucoma or sudden blindness).
  • Refraction (to help you optimize your vision 365 days out of the year).
  • Focusing and Eye muscle balance testing (are your eyes working together or against each other?).
  • Dilation (only place where we have a visual view of blood vessels to detect early signs of diabetes or monitor diabetics and other vascular conditions. We need to ensure the retina is intact, fluid in the eye is normal, and intra-ocular lens is free of cataracts).

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