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We have plenty of trial contact lenses in stock, both clear and in color. We offer soft contact lens fittings, customized hard contact lens (RGP) fittings, mono-vision fittings, bifocal contact lens fittings, keratonconus diagnosis and fittings, and we have orthokeratology lenses as well.

Our contact lens prices are priced competitively compared to corporate online retailers so that we can make the entire experience more convenient for our patients.

If you did not get your exam done at our office, no problem. However, you do need a valid U.S. prescription with all the parameters written by a licensed Optometric Physician or Ophthalmologist. Contact lens prescriptions are valid, at the most, 1 year from the exam date. This is to protect our patients eye health. Following the FDA regulation of yearly contact lens eye exams allows health care practitioners to supply patients with the most current prescription and advanced contact lens material, and to ensure that there are no ill side effects from long term contact lens wear. If you are someone who changes their contacts only when your eyes begin to feel uncomfortable, sleep in your Focus dailies, or wear your 2 week Oasis lens overnight for 3 months because it is convenient, then you should consider getting LASIK, or Orthokeratology, or just wear your glasses. LASIK or Orthokeratology, or just wear your glasses.

Key Benefits:

  • New materials that allow your eyes to "Breathe".
  • Better fitting and wider range in prescriptions.
  • 1 Year supplies will be shipped with a manufacturer rebate, usually between $30-75.
  • Easy access.

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